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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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morning commute increasing clouds which has been a blessing taken the fog an three mile visibility, santa rosa everybody else okayn, cooler8)ooñ this morning frost inland valleys from our reporting stations99ngt that arn the mid to upper 30s, definitely low 30s out there and frost waiting for you. redwood city, mountain view, san jose(h]mv, upper 30s right , low to mid 40s oakland, san franciscosmdrnd fremont. today sprinkles this morningu!u, light rain during the afternoon, besten
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backed up to pay cash?e+?inñ no metering lights, no delays light into san francisco roadwork eastbound until 9:00 this morning,xsjxñ 580, three ls blocked one lane getting by between greenville and north flynn westbound great out of central valley up andover azerbaijan -- upph altamont. light. t 6:02 following breakg news from oakland, investigators are on the scene of a deadly pursuit that killed an innocent bystander and injured several others this is a live look of the scene on6ljk@ 98th near stanleyf 580 the chase started when officers tried to stop a bmw for speeding along 98th avenue, the driver refused to stop theiç bmw plowed into a lincoln, the woman in the lincoln died. driver after he tried to runxxf.
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amy hollyfield will bring us an update live from the scene at 6:30 contra costa county deputies hope someone will help them find a man who escaped during a chase. the car crashed through a fence into a tree in bay point y no stop the man who they say is a parolee he took off and wrecked his car deputies surrounded the area near able to find him. happeningal÷&vju canbgoay leave your clipper card home today muni offering free rides. this is all to celebratewa0y the agency's 100th birthday with what a party that was, as i recall. >> reporter: heck of a party)1ze eric. most birthday parties you bring a gift to theqfç honored guest this time muni is doing it in reverse turning 100 and giving free rides.
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take a look at some of the stuff it operates, buses, °0" muni's 100th birthday. that's a lot of partying considering it has 700,000 riders everyday. historic street cars traveling along the city, they've been celebrating the birthday for a couple months, kind of moving away from the inner core of the city into the neighborhoods more and more of them as a6bqñ way of celebratin. there was a plan to maybe charge five cents today, then muni said no, let's justwó a gie it away. this is not a÷:óo perfect syste. there's a debate how good it here's a glimpse of that debate. >> not good. really unreliable. in my opinion, you know it is rare that it is ever on time. >> it is a well run operation. most of the time everything works well i'm just happy it is continuing to work.
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news viewer he got to work on timeedjñ today there's truth to what he was saying about it is a good system. if you want to know more about p going back 100 years that's a long time, go ñ6l&}te5itáz click on see it on tv we have linked to you the mta's website where they've put together a whole bunch of pictures of street cars of days gone by, old black and white interesting to see how this whole thing transpired on cue streetcar goes by. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> making the magic happen, thank you terry. early season rain and snow has experts optimistic about california's water supply as we head into the new year.órq;w storms replenished many of the , heavy snow
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has increased the snow pack to nearly 150% above normal for this time of year. >> we got a partial supply already in the bank either in reservoir storage or snow pack. however, it still depends on the remainder of thepvycmót(j 2/3 of the wet season is still left. >> snow pack runoff normally provides california with a third of itsqz water supply. state health providers are sounding the alarm about a potential flu outbreak lead doctor for the vaccine program says state will see a surge in flu cases in january. the reason, there's been an outbreak of influenza in other parts of the country and holiday travelers returning to california are likely bringing the virus back with them. children are returning to school soon where germs are more easily spread. closer look this morning at the guns taken off the street after a gun buy-back program in southern california.
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among the weapons turned in, three fully automatic world war ii machine guns and a grenade launcher. in all, almost 2100 handguns, rifles, shotguns and assault weapons are off los angeles streets. the owners received grocery gift cards for as much as $200, per weapon. >> it looks like we are in a third world nation when you see all these weapons from individuals. you have to ask, why? >> los angeles moved up the program following the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the city gave out almost half a million dollars in gift cards. traffic and weather together, next. take a live look outside at the decorated skyscrapers in san francisco, no rain to report here yet. that will move in later today. mike will have the full forecast. sue hall is checking traffic. the country is just days away from going over the fiscal cliff.
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what is happening today in the nation's capital as lawmakers c
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welcome back. doppler tracking showers to our north tail end showing radar returns most moisture in the clouds now because it is too dry at the lower levels fairfield 31°, mid to upper
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30s in all inland valleys upper 30s around redwood city., mountain view, san jose. let's talk about what is going to happen today, light rain by the afternoon, 50s, showers tomorrow morning dry sunday and monday. light traffic conditions so far, folks take the week or another long holiday weekend out of novato past marinwood lucas valley road here marin ymca traffic flowing nicely out of san rafael into southern marin no problems on the golden gate bridge light traffic conditions four lanes southbound what a difference a day makes yesterday afternoon getting to the golden gate bridge was a nightmare from all approaches due to folks enjoying a beautiful day. 680 to the altamont pass good ride.
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680 corridor from 580 to highway 24 northbound towards walnut creek over 15 minutes there's your east shore freeway commute under 20 minutes to the maze. ahead, down in the -- down to the wire in the nation's capital new negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff. sidelined by stomach flu and
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welcome back. 6:15, fog moving around the north bay quarter mile
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visibility in novato watch out for that on 101. we are off to a cooler start this morning, 30s inland, on this bay shore,0s inland, on san francisco in the low to mid 40s. sprinkles noon light rain at the coast more of us with will have light rain by 4:00, temperatures struggling to reach 50, by 7:00, all of us dealing with light rain this friday evening going to be cool, low to mid 40s. 6:15. secretary of state clinton is going back to work next week, according to her spokesman. clinton has been recovering from a concussion she suffered while fainting while fighting a stomach virus she was out for three weeks. she has promised to testify next month before congressional committees on the attack in libya. >> j president obama will meet with leaders from capitol hill today, hoping to avoid the fiscal cliff, combination of spending cuts and tax hikes with will go into effect
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unless lawmakers can broker a deal before the end of the year. will meet with congressional white house. it may be too late for a deal. there are just four days left before the fiscal cliff deadline. jive to be very honest mr. president, -- >> i have to be very honest mr. president, i don't know time-wise how it can happen now. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid]vtkñ lashed ot at speaker boehner accusing him of running a tar forship. >> john boehner seems to -- >> reporter: republican leaders blame democrats for the standoff and say there are limits to a compromise. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank cheque or anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. that wouldn't be fair to the american people. >> reporter: president obama flew home early from his
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hawaii vacation yesterday. speaker boehner call the house back into town for an unusual sunday session. members of congress understand the 11th hour acts may not be enough to appease the public. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff would bring massive tax increases and deep spending cuts. treasury department would have trouble paying its bills. many worry the financial woes would plunge the u.s. back into a recession. within possible effect of the fiscal cliff/fro, -- milk prices could spike two or three dollars a gallon because farm -- some are calling that dairy cliff. 6:17. mike here tracking light rain.i. l >> i'd like to. >> here's mike with the
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weather. thank you, hope you are having a great friday morning dry sky over san francisco from the east to sutro tower. light rain showing up off the sonoma county coast,oo8ñ let's zoom down and show you highway 1 from to inverness looks like it is raining but not reaching the ground. sprinkles possible during the as air mass start to moisten under this flow from the west. best chance of light rain around noon and later this afternoon. until then, chilly, dress for temperatures in the 30s everywhere, except fremont, 41, oakland if you are san francisco 44, monterey bay, everybody in the 30s except salinas at 40, monterey at 43. today cool start, sprinkles through the morning, light rain this afternoon. that will taper to showers overnight through saturday morning, saturday afternoon,
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the dry weather hands around sunday through tuesday. here's a look at high pressure to the east holding storm at bay, battles8aqç between the hih and the low which one is going to win right now it looks like the high going to be the more stubborn and keep chances of wet overimxis the ocean noon stl dealing with sprinkles best chance of steady light rain during the afternoon hanging around through the evening hours where we could get heavier rain along the coast and then by 2:00 in the morning, slides to the south few showers for saturday morning through the noon hour, best chance at highest elevations those will taper towards saturday evening. overnight snow level drops to 3,000 feet, snow possibly diablo and hamilton tomorrow morning closer to the coast more likely you will have a 9v --
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we'll barely make 50 if most areas tomorrow even with the afternoon sun, after a chilly frosty start sunday, low to mid 50s mostly sunday, dry monday and tuesday, a chance of rain wednesday and thursday. have a great day. first reports>0u of a stall in novato north 101 to eastbound 3785 xv, that in a bi. little1vójy busier, crowded 808t shore freeway under the university avenue overcrossing on through berkeley and emeryville no major problems towards the bay bridge toll as you can see ittm, is light here as well no metering lights and no issues on the upper deck heading into san francisco. bart on time, muni is free all day today until tomorrow morning that includes cable cars, trolleys and buses of course. no caltrain delays out there at this hour. a look at drive times now out of antioch highway 4 westbound,
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san mateo bridge hayward towards san mateo less than 15 minutes, southbound 101 central san rafael to the golden gate also under 15 minutes >> 6:21. poetry controversy in a bay area school. how one girl's art led to her suspension. 7ucwx almostxzj8 new year's evt meansq.nox popping open a of bubbly. test tasting to find out if you have to spend a lot to get a good bottle. judge judy is the toughest talking judge on daytime tv todayóy÷qs at
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low to mid 50s with increasing cloudse1lm and.f.3m t rain during the afternoon. if you are traveling about, doppler radar storm system moving faster to thepdof north already@q-y: little light rain (r' snow where going to stay until the afternoon when it stars making that push through our neighborhood, tahoe today scattered snow shower possible better chance tomorrow, temperatures hanging around 30° in the afternoon showers around los angeles only for saturday, mid 60s if you are heading that way.
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safe travels. new year's eve is this monday, bottles will be popping when the clock strikes midnight.]5jwb >> michael finney and our partners at consumer reports test taste sparkling wines to find out if you have8 a lot to get a great bottle. >> reporter: are you looking for a festive drink to serve over the holidays champagne can fill the bill but they can be pricey. sparkling wines with and without french pedigree to see if you can indulge without splurging at the register. it turns out++iñ there is cause for 4-#÷'j5áion.. wine experts at consumer reports tested 11 sparkling wines from $ to -- from $5 to $37. >> there are plenty of choices. >> reporter: consumer reports says, when it comes to sparkling wines higher price doesn't necessarily mean higher quality. four of the wines testified, including this $30 bottle of
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piper, a french champagne$tt2ñ weren't good enough to make the initial cut. >> they were okay. but they had off notes. we concentrated on some of the better wines. >> reporter: after swirling, sniffing and sipping, three were named consumer reports best buys. among them this blanc, smooth cost justvhz(ñ $16. for $14 this from new mexico rated higher, combined yeasty flavors and a nice mix of >> for sparkling wines which can be opinions sieve these were a great combination of price and quality. -- >> reporter: consumer reports says pay attention to how it feels in your mouth. better qualities will have nice fine bubbles as opposed to larger course bubbles in
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seltzer water. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> i'm thirsty now. >> i have to see your id. >> thanks. what do you want from your well tell you the most popular work resolution and what you may have to do with year boss. >> what it may have to do with [ talking over each other ]uté& bay area school may have gone too far. why one student is in trouble after her poetry sparks raw emotions. police still on the scene of a fatal crash in oakland. why police officers are surprised and calling this investigation unusual
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good morning. it is friday thank you for what a beautiful morning it is shaping up toúó)@ñ be you are mount tamalpaisk!bjq sunrise ovr san francisco'j$s, dry now, cold how that is going to change. >> might as well do that now. high clouds, halo around the moon this morning, stunning. second time this week we've had it.y3vw+ if#ñ
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upper 40s light rain by 4:00, coast already becoming cloudyñ)÷ temperatures cool as they are going to get, upper 30s to mid 40s, noon light rain will hang around through the 4:00 and 7:00 hour low to midvph÷x 40s. you don't need the wet weather gear now you will this afternoon and friday evening plans. light out there, if you have been putting off your drive towardsiá"d big sur becae of that rock slide, today that is reopened highway 1 south of big sur, they will have one-way trapm@" control in effect between 7:00 this morning and 5:00 this afternoon. there may be delays, but you can get through. closer to homea;vhñ, starting to @rds the highrise past toll, up and over towards the san mateo side. still, everything is moving here we don't have major problems.rr0ñ friday light at the bay bridge toll, looking good, no problems upper deck into
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san francisco, some of your drive times, nice this morning, out of antioch very good looking drive, 24 towards the caldecott, less than 10 minutes, 101 south of santa rosa good drive into :32. breaking news, we first w f following overnight high speed chase in7>o oakland. what led up to the deadly crash. >> reporter: i want to update you on the investigation. police just told me they think they will be here until 9:00 this morning, even they are surprised. they say it is highly unusual they would have a major thoroughfare like this blocked for this long, but they say it was a busy night in oakland last night they only have two investigators here. p the coroner to get here. busy, 98th next to 580 still
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closed. here's what happened, chp officers say this is a tragedy that could have been prevented. they pulled over a speeding bmw, they were walking up to the car when they say the bmw took off. they say it is an m-6 a very fast car, they lost sight of it right an one minute later the bmw crashed into a lincoln, carrying four. d the backseat was killed. they say she was in her 20s. two others in the lincoln were hurt, one man ejected and suffered major injuries. wq]çs the driver of the bmw he's now facing seriousió;p charges they say they don't know why he ran. his passenger also took off, and they are looking for him. take a look at this busy intersection we've seen a lot of u-turns this is 98th and golf links eastbound on 580 and you exit here this is blocked, you will not be able to get through, they think it is going to be blocked for another couple of hours.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. developing news in oakland, violence has taken the lives of three people in -- this morning, two killed in a shooting after 1:00 this morning. 90 minutes later another person died after being stabbed on walnut street. detectives on the scene of both crimes, no word on what led to the violence or if there are any suspects. police releasing new details into an officer-involved shooting in el cerrito. they say the man they shot was pistol-whipping a woman at a gas station a call came in last night about a man and woman fighting at station. when officers arrived they encountered a dangerous situation and opened fire. the man is at the hospital this morning in critical. shooting in el cerrito was the second officer-involved shooting in contra costa county yesterday. we told you yesterday officers
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opened fire inside an apartment on creek side drive in wall creek. the victim is identified as 22-year-old anthony banta, jr. the shooting followed a 911 call with a woman screaming in the background. police have released few details other than to say the man was armed and officers were forced to shoot. pittsburg police investigating a shooting in the parking lot of the bay point bart station. it happened around 7:00 last night, a man was shot multiple times delaying trains fo)sa9ñ 45 minutes the victim went surgery no word on his condition this morning. high school senior faces possibility of being expelled after writing a poem that alarmed some of her -- some 17-year-old courtni webb attends life learning academy of treasure island. her poem talks about the shooting in conneticut. -- she told reporter alan wang
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that her message is harmless, like the work of a best selling author. >> the only person i could think of would be like stephen king he writes weird stuff all the time that doesn't moon he's going to act it out. -- mean he's going to ability out. >> she did not turn it in as assignment but her teacher found it and showed it to the principal. state senator hill of. m will introduce way bill to require repeat drunk drivers to take aaq breathalyzer test if theyñç0. are sober hill is holding a news conference to announce legislation this morning at 10. would it require ignition interlock devices on vehicles after a driver's second conviction the device requires a 3+suez campbell before the engine can start.
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expect to see more police officers on streets tonight through new year's eve. c[ñ hfrbgs p and other law enforcementkl5ñ agencies are cracking dryers setting up checkpoints in the north bay, south bay and peninsula, starting at 6:00 tonight through monday night if you ride san francisco's muni today you won't need your wallet the system is offering free rides all day on buses and cable cars to stem brit muni's 100th birth -- cars to celebrate muni's 100th birthday. the fare then was fiveó]k< cens compared to today's rate of $2. 6:37. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside now at the golden gate bridge,ilv traffic light, friday holiday week light let's put it that way meteorologist mikem#ç nicco wl have the forecast, sue is checking traffic.
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man is killed by a subway in new york city ahead why police s8éó this is
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welcome back. thought we would show you where the bulk of the storm is now, rain in the higher elevation snow hitting crescent city, eurekaskzs towars reading now if you are heading up that way watch out things are going to get trick here at home clouds, in the 30s everywhere except fremont, oakland, san francisco, low to mid 40s i am this afternoon mostly cloudy, sprinkles turning over to light rain by the afternoon, low to mid 50s as we head towards tomorrow, showers in the morning, dry in the afternoon, dry sunday and
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monday also. good morning. light out there this morning, hoping for the rest of the commute will stay that way live shot in san jose headlights from downtowno"ñt san jose past 17 overcrossing and 280 northbound up towards cupertino you can see it is moving nicely at the limit, no delays here. westbound 37 to north 101 stall just cleared out of lanes i'm not seeing slowing in that area novato. still with roadwork east 580 greenville to north flynn, three lanes blocked one lane getting by that is eastbound. westbound locks great out of tracy 205 up and over the altamont pass. nice friday light. 6:41. the fiscal cliff and starbucks how the company's come together campaign has lost steam in washington. trading underway, live look at big board, dow is down
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over 64 points. we go live to the new york stock
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welcome back. are you ready for more wet weather? that's going to kickoff your weekend during the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures from 50 in antioch today to 54 in oakland and san jose. here's a look at big picture storm to the north traveling up 5 from here not here technically, but sacramento towards seattle, it is going to be ag @#ó snowy, wet mess t. tahoe heading that way, okay today, snow showers tomorrow, partly sunny sunday, as we
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head towards southern california, showers in l.a. saturday, dry friday for the most part sunday. 6:45. new york city police have the night looking for a woman who killed a man by pushing him into the path of after oncoming subway train. new york city police say this just released video footage shows the woman moments after the man was killed by a train in queens. witnesses told detectives the woman followed the man closely and mumbled to herself before shoving him this is the second time in a month someone8egp has killed a subway patron by pushing them into the path of a train. one of heroes of the first gulf war has passed away, retired general norman schwarzkopf died at the age of 78. he ed the coalition that drove saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait in 1991. -- the general was for his
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explosive temperature. showdown in washington, d.c. when president obama sits down with congressional leaders trying to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. the president returned early from his vacation to have face-to-face talks with congressional leaders. they must agree on how much money the federal government can borrow if they can't tax hikes and spending cuts go into efx#" midnight tuesday. tech start-up claim it called the start of the flu it says it call the start of the flu season in october after analyzing public tweets and facebook updates about people being sick. the scd didn't call the start of the season until the beginning of this month. -- >> there were a lot of smartphones and tablets untrees this year. a company -- under trees this year. more than 17.4 million android
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and apple mobile devices were activated tuesday. [ unintelligible ][mkv app downloads saw a spike more than 328 million apps were downloaded 20 million downloaded per hour. with 2013 four days away many are thinking about year resolutions. new sur -- survey reveals top three job-related, pay increase at the top of the list followed bylór. develop leadership skills then getting a new job, number three. small percentage wanted to hang out more with their co-workers and those who would admit it says their top resolution for 2013 was to get their boss fired. >> must have been an anonymous poll.
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>> yes. starbucks baristas are pointing some customers. >> skiers are ready to return to california's slopes. let's go to ellen braitman live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. parts of the we coast have been getting a lot of snow, -- the -- early snow good for the state's 29 resorts, [ unintelligible ] >> let's take a look at what is happening in the markets now not pretty another down day fit straight day of declines for the s&p all the concern of what is not happening in d.c. on the fiscal cliff. bloomberg index is a sixth straight day of declines.
6:48 am
starbucks' ceo asked baristas in the d.c. area to write "come together" on the cups they handed to customers. however, disappointed customers taken to twitter, saying look it hasn't happened on my cup not all baristas are doing it, one customer asking for a refund joking around their lack of participation will have us falling off that fiscalu,@i cliff. ellen braitman, bloomberg news. :49. live doppler tracking rain just a little. >> just a little bit that's the key going to be a minimal storm compared to what we've been dealing with for the earlier parts of this month. good morning open up the weather window fromnzv our east bay camera towards san francisco, you can see off in the distance, looks hazer than it did earlier clouds on the increase, radar returns as we look into the clouds, no
6:49 am
truth this is make it to the ground, if it does it will be in the form of sprinkles, a lot of evaporation going on. that is keeping temperatures down in the 30s as that water evaporates into the air it also cools it from sea ranch, fort ross towards occidental, guerneville, forestville that whole area, blue"emj green, still, i don't think they are going to have more in the way of sprinkles if anything through the morning this is just the beginning of the system who having in. 30s, easier to talk about who is not in the 30s, -- [ unintelligible ] , today frot there, by the around clouds thick enough that light rain will start reaching the ground. showers start tomorrow morning, dry by the afternoon hours this is the extended dry period for sunday, monday and
6:50 am
tuesday, we've been talking about all week. divide and conquer that's what we are seeing system spinning energy trying to split this area of high pressure going to flow down the coast what makes this forecast tricky, how o the coast does it get? 50 miles closer, we're talking about significant rain into the east bay valleys, 50 miles farther west, barely any rain. we are going to split it down the middle. light rain moving into the north bay during the lunch hour, all of us,' getting light rain for the evening commute. heavier rain over the ocean waters close for the coast during the evening hours more likely you will have light to moderate rain many transfers to showers tomorrow morning high elevations through noon, then gone by the evening hours saturday. snow level 3,000 feet, watch out for a dusting on some of our mountains tomorrow morning of snow.
6:51 am
barely make 50 tomorrow, dry, sunday through tuesday before another chance of rain wednesday and thursday. hayward towards foster city san mateo on the san mateo bridge good looking ride this morning, 15 minutes from the east bay towards the peninsula. south on the golden gate bridge traffic at the limit four lanes southbound direction northbound two lanes fog-free and clear, nice ride off the waldo. bart on time. muni offering free rides even on the cable cars all day today in celebration of their 100th anniversary. caltrain on time, all mass transit looking good. right now 880 southbound towards 238, 680 san ramon corridor towards 580 and east shore commute into the maze. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news returns in
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:54. live doppler you can see the rain -- off over the ocean heading our way this storm is going to light nothing like what you've seen in the last couple of days. here are five things to know before you go: number one, a woman died this morning in oakland after a driver slammed into her car while trying to outrun chp on 98th near 580. chp was trying to stop a bmw for speeding but the driver slammed into another car carrying the woman and three who all went to the hospital. >> number two, president obama and congressional leaders still looking to avoid fiscal cliff monday. they will meet at the white house today boehner has called members into session sunday. there is no sign of a deal
6:54 am
agreeable to both sides. >> number three, reaction pouring in following the death of decorated u.s. army general norman schwarzkopf from a houston hospital room, former president george h.w. bush called him one of the great military leaders of his generation. number four, if you6> here's mike with final check of your forecast. live doppler 7 hd good morning radar returns showing
6:55 am
up along the sonoma county coast now from bodega bay up jenner, sea ranch, haven't heard from anybody this is make it to the ground. the best during the morning hours increasing clouds, and a few sprinkles. best chance of seeing rain during the afternoon temperatures will struggle into the low 50s. be ready for rain during back -- back to the bay bridge toll, friday lightí1w, looks like holiday week light no problems on the upper deck inpci3a f you look at our waze app, if is your 580 commute westbound heavy through livermore, looking good with no problems towards the dublin pleasanton interchange, eastbound still with roadwork that will be picked up 9:00 this morning between greenville and north flynn. down to one lane in the reverse commute direction. not too bad this morning. hopefully it will stay that way.
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thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." if you received a new tablet or smartphone this holiday season download our host of free apps, our gift to you. download our alarm clock app, -- [ inaudible ] .
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good morning, america. and happening now, a slow and slippery commute for over half the country this morning. and now, more snow expected to blanket major cities, from chicago to cincinnati. the new storm targeting the northeast this weekend. sam is tracking the latest. medical alert. several people now dead from this season's flu. is the virus spiking and spreading faster than normal right now? is it too late to get your shots? family feud. the 21-year-old musical theater major who told the judge she was being stalked. a restraining order just issued. and who does she say is after her? her parents. >> i wasn't in control of my life at all anymore. >> we hear from her, in an abc news exclusive. ♪ highway to the danger zone


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